European and international cooperation strategy of the Federation and the network of national regional parks

(c) D. Olivry / PNR Camargue

Strategic Directions 

The aim of the European and international cooperation strategy of the Federation and the network of national regional parks (NRP), is to contribute to improve the environmental protection as well as the economic, social and cultural development in the Park’s territories and in the areas that share our values abroad.

The cooperation of the parks values the principles of solidarity and reciprocity, the co-construction and the partnerships. It aims to favour dialogue and mutualisation and to foster the dynamism and influence of the territories.



The NRP approach is being increasingly recognized abroad. As a result, the French regions and departments seek for the expertise and know-how of the Parks in the framework of their decentralized cooperation actions.

Foreign partners are particularly interested in the specificities of the parks such as the concept of “inhabited park”, the integrated approach aimed at preserving nature while improving living conditions, the participatory governance, the Charter, the “Park” brand, the concerted management of natural resources and activities...

Since October 2013, the French Ministry of Foreign affairs has officially accredited the international expertise of the Federation regarding “the integrated and concerted approach of sustainable development in rural territories”. Moreover, two strategic partnerships were concluded in late 2012 with this Ministry and with the French Development Agency.

Today, half of the NRP participate in the reception of foreign delegations and more than a third is involved in territorial cooperation or conduct missions of expertise.



Some examples of support at national (legislative and regulatory evolutions) or local (support to the implementation of pilot sites) levels:

  • . Development Mosaics of Protected Areas - Brazil (MAEDI) - FPNRF, French regions and their NRPs, for over 10 years
  • . Establishment of a National System of Protected Areas and a category of natural parks - URUGUAY (FFEM / AFD) - FPNRF / PNR Vercors and Camargue, 2009-2013
  • . Implementation of the approach "Biocultural landscape" - Mexico (AFD / FFEM) - FPNRF / PNR Volcans d'Auvergne, 2012-2015
  • . Territorial cooperation - MOROCCO - culture and eco-tourism - PNR Landes de Gascogne / El Hajeb Province; thematic expertise and creating a natural park - PNR Luberon and PACA Region / Bouhachem Region Tanger-Tetouan, for over 10 years

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